rrr.oby (landmineyouth) wrote in gametraderz,

playstation and acessories for sale, and n64 games!

I'm selling some old classic N64 Games on ebay, or I can sell personally to you if anyone reading this wants to buy it. Click the link for my ebay auctions...

My E-Bay Auctions Page

More auctions soon to come.

I also have this available:
Original Sony Playstation w/ all cables and wires required for hook up, 3 controllers (2 originial, 1 clear w/ turbo and slow options), green clear memory card, mutli-tap sequencer that allows 1-4 person play, 3 games (wcw nitro, wwf smackdown 2, ridge racer revolution) = best offer

I have a few prices out there already so don't offer me any stupid price.. just name a price though. I am willing to sell these items individually. Controllers will work with your PS2 so it may be your chance to get some for cheap! I'll sell the controllers seperately for like $5 a piece.

I am also looking for GAMECUBE GAMES. If they're in good condition w/ box and/or instructions I'll pay you money for em, so give me what you got!

sorry if this is spam. i will not post again. sorry for x-posting as well, thanks guys!
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