trade your games!

Trade Your Games!
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Gametraderz is an LJ community for members to buy/sell/trade videogames outside of an auction and also a full discussion on anything videogame related. Keep in mind that any transaction that takes place is your own risk. If you trade with someone, make sure that you feel safe. Gametraderz will not be held liable for fraudulent trades or sales.

If you are going to sell/trade, it would be wise to post your eBay feedback or any other feedback you have from other auction sites.

Gametraderz does not decide who sends their items first, you do.

You can sell/trade anything videogame related from action figures to resin statues, busts, games, game related movies, game related comics, etc.. but do not sell/trade anything outside of videogames.. no DVD's of the next best movie or VHS tapes, cd's (unless videogame related), dead hookers, etc.

-BACKUPS- If you trade backups (selling them would be illegal mind you ;P) you MUST note that the game is a backup in the description.

By trading backups, the buyer & seller assume all responsability for the legalities in said situation.

A great way to keep track of your games & to make it easier to trade is to go to Video Game Tracker and create a list of everything that you have or want.

Again, all transactions are at your own risk and Gametraderz cannot be held liable for any buying/selling/trading taking place inside of this community.